Kids Muay Thai

With so many choices for activities… why choose¬†our Muay Thai Kids program?

Kids Muay ThaiMuay Thai is the official sport of Thailand and has quickly gained popularity the world over in recent years, being the go-to striking art for MMA practitioners. Called the “Science of Eight Limbs”, Muay Thai is a practical fighting style that pulls together the whole body: fists, elbows, knees, and legs, as eight weapons. Here at Fight Club Martial Arts, your child will benefit greatly from learning Muay Thai, as there is so much more to the style and it is far from just a ‘combat sport’.

Your child will gain:

Confidence does not come easy for a lot of kids and it can take time to build. As your child accomplishes the goals set out before him or her at Fight Club Martial Arts, they will become more and more confident over time. Kids are encouraged to grow at their own pace and to not compare themselves to the progress of others.

Children’s self-defense takes many forms. First we teach your child how to handle intimidation and aggression from other kids without feeling awkward, scared, or nervous. Next, we teach your child how to handle actual situations that may occur in social settings or while at play. Our Muay Thai Kids program empowers kids with the skills they need to react to threats from other kids.

Bully Proof
Bullying can take many forms including emotional, verbal, and physical violence. Bullying can be very devastating to a young child and can have devastating effects on their emotional well being and social ability. Here at Fight Club Martial Arts, we think that is absolutely unacceptable. We will teach your child age appropriate techniques to help them defuse any bullying situation. We will give them the confidence they need to tackle the problem and the skills they will need to protect themselves from physical harm at the hands of a bully.

Physical Fitness
Our Muay Thai Kids program challenges kids to get their whole body moving! They will develop incredible balance, agility, speed, and coordination. With the internet, TV and video games encouraging your child to be a coach potato they need something to help them find activity fun again! Get them moving at Fight Club Martial Arts and build good exercise habits they will carry with them for a lifetime!

Probably one of the best benefits that your child will receive from training in our Muay Thai Kids Program will be the personal discipline that carries forward into other areas of life. We will help them build the focus and concentration they need to excel in school, get better grades, and complete tasks.

Your child will have a blast at Fight Club Martial Arts Muay Thai Kids program. Kids will have fun in our high energy classes and will get to burn off all that extra energy. Though classes are tightly structured to educate and focus your child’s mind, we are dedicated to keeping the lessons fun and your child excited about coming to class!

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